Kinsman Notch1999

May West and Dr. Mime did a little winter hiking in the Whites 2 weekends ago After a MUCH_NEEDED sleep at our favorite B & B the Wilderness Inn, then a great (all-you-can eat....yes, Robert!) breakfast and then enjoying our hosts Michael and Rosanna and their photo albums of their 3 month south-Pacific trip, we headed out to brilliant sunshine and snow-capped mountains.

We decided on the Appalachion Trail intersecting at the Hwy. 112 trailhead starting at Kinsman Notch and heading up out of the Notch towards the Ridge and Kinsman Pond Shelter, a mere10.2 miles away. We bundled up with "polyprop", layered with an assortment of our most snuggly clothes. Amazing after 5 minutes climbing up that we started to steam! Off with the layers and down almost to T'shirts. The snow was absolutely "virgin", not so deep that we couldn't see the way and fabulous views of the opposite iced-and -frosted ridge, featuring Mts. Jim, Blue and Waternomee with Mt. Moosilauke behind.

As we ascended (climbed? huffed and puffed?) our way up the snow deepened (should've brought 'gaiters). May the West found a snow-dappled big rock, spread out our mouse-pad seats and we sat munching fresh bagels, cheese and O! Henries (Thank goodness for Hallowe'en!)! Water was starting to freeze in the outer pocket container so glugged it down, then continued upwards towards the back of the outcropping, heading away from the Notch (and the great views). A flat stretch proved VERY boggy if we stepped (SLIPPED) off the logs that were put down for a good 100 metres. Turned back at this point with muddy, not snowy boots.

Oh well, between the clear blue skies, the blinding sunshine and the fresh snow, we both felt very satisfied. The best part was there was absolutely NO PEOPLE ANYWHERE... we were truly alone in nature, with the quiet only touched by a couple of chickadees and sparrows following us up to the ridge. A few years ago I was hiking with our grad students near Lake Placid in the Adirondacks and had the same sensation of BEING ALONE WITH NATURE, all by myself as most students had either charged ahead or given up and gone back AAAH...peace and quiet, except for a great deluge of rain that turned the 3 Brothers Mtn. to mud streams.

Anyways, May West and Dr. Mime toured about the area for another day, actually looking for land for "ye ole retirement home". We have a realty company (Bob Sherburne's brother-in-law works for them, lucky us!) looking for the proverbial room-with-a-view, maybe along Rte. 116 (great views of Kinsman Ridge and the Notch). Anyone interested in looking at land here? Give us a shout, Gonzos! Take care and Happy New Year- health, peace, joy to you all!

Love, MaeWest and Dr. Mime