Katahdin - Quebecois 2000

Are you sure this is Saddle? It seems like we got out of the woods really fast. No, this isn't Saddle, it's Cathedral. Don't look at me that way...I thought Bruce told you. What a start to the hike. And this is after the previous evening defending our entry to Chimney Pond. It seemed that a smile and ten American dollars were enough to obtain shelter at lean-to number nine..... the rather large accommodation we shared with Gabby.

But.......that was after a wholesome hot meal was served to us by those yet-to-be-trailed-named Youngs. Perhaps MSI1 and MSI2 could be handles but I'm sure some creative talent will come up with something better. Back to Cathedral......... 4 hours to the cut-off to Saddle. Not bad for a 245 marathoner.

Sue found out that she could not "have dialogue" without oxygen so it was a pretty quiet climb. She tried to make up for this sonic lull later in the day but Bruce D beat her to it. It was great to see all the old buddies and hear the same stories again.

Norm had his assortment of teas, Rich had a paddle (don't ask) and Bruce Murphy had his beer (what's new ?). It was nice to see Ross and the girls (young ladies now), However, as usual, they were gone before we had a chance to yack. It might be their youth that enables them to scamper up the ridges. ("Youth" doesn't include Ross who is always in the best of shape).

I finally met Malcolm..seemed like a nice guy but then again he was with the buddies!!! The only thing I missed was Gordon stopping by on his way to work to give me a lift. I'm glad they have "kneeling" buses in Montreal.

See you guys in a few weeks...............

p.s. the Best Comment Award goes to Norm.... Sue and I were sitting atop Saddle looking at the "edge" when we hear someone ( brother of "I'm selling Halifax") who has just come down from Baxter Peak ask some other hikers..."Have you seen a couple of Canadians?" .