The Presidentials 2000

May West, Mime, Margo and Michael Brickell's escapade into the White Mountains August 4 - 6, 2000.

August 4 Friday.. Hiked to Madison Hut after a stormy night in Gorham N.H. Biggest problem was that the milkshake machine at McDonald's was broken. After some scouting around we did find a place that attempted to make a Blizzard. Climb to Madison was great, all knees were working. A wonderful meal was had by all; including a Duffy look alike who told us (again and again) of his attempt at the entire AT. He lasted 15 days and then went home cuz he was lonely.(probably did not have anyone to talk to). Mime felt sorry for him?????

August 5 Saturday. Wonderful 70 mile views all around. Although we skirted some mountain tops we did set a blistering pace arriving at Lakes just before supper. Along the way we stopped to see how the Cog RR crew managed to get all 4 wagons tied up near the Jewell trail. It took them 3/4 of an hour to arrange themselves. We sat and watched and were disappointed that they cleared up the mess which meant that we had to get going. Another wonderful meal at Lakes with a superb sunset ( that's what they told me )...I managed to crawl into a top bunk at 7:30 p.m. and somehow fell asleep.

August 6 Sunday.. we all woke up at about 6:30 to the sound of wonderful male voices singing some Irish lament. We were all sure the lament was for our knees. Michael didn't have knee problems but by now discovered that when you tie your boot laces too tight, it does considerable damage. Mime duct taped her feet and decided to buy new boots. The winner of the best line of the week-end goes to Margo Brickell aka We were standing at the hut getting ready to leave when she approached a rather distinguished gentleman and asked him to take our picture with Mt. Washington as a backdrop. As she hands him the camera she says" just point and click.. it's idiot proof" Guess what? She had already shot off her last photo so this guy is standing there clicking away, feeling like a complete nerd hoping that the camera is broken.......idiot proof indeed!

On the way down .. Boot Spur.....we met a girl (30 revolutions around the sun?) who climbed to the top of Washington via Tuckerman's in 2 hrs & 5 min. She is a triathlete so I told her that I was a 247 marathoner. Enough said.

The trip back to Canada was uneventful except for Mime trying to imitate Gordon's locker at TUNS with her socks.

Congratulations to the Brickells. They are grandparents of William Robert.....who will probably hear time and again about his GrandMa and GrandPa's wilderness adventures back at the turn of the century...........