PEI Gonzos in the Whites 2004

These PEI Gonzos have been absolutely overwhelmed with their Nova Scotia's Gonzo counterparts' adventures of the past few months. Click to enlarge How could we come close to the Sungod's and Birder's RV trek across North America, putting in many kms. a day? What about the lung-bursting legs run at the Cabot Trail Relay Race? Or compare with a gentle paddle down the Bonaventure, swatting at crazed moose and chain-sawing their way through brush? How could we stack up against Geezer's walk in the Alps or even the supreme efforts of many Gonzos at the Geezer Mile! Or how about Helga's kayaking adventures in PEI! Wonderful to enjoy such adventures through the excellent Gonzo Web Site thanks to Dipper!

So, Mime and Mae West decided to climb mighty Mt Willard at the top of the Crawford Notch...yes, with a litre of water each in hand and, of course, snacks and sandwiches, and just a "little" chocolate, these PEI Gonzos scaled the carriage road leading to the top of Mt Willard. After parking their car, strapping on hiking boots and slathering on sunscreen, they strolled into the woods. Truly a beautiful part of The Whites, the "best hike in the Whites for the effort" according to the "book". After an hour of gentle climbing, gaining a 1000 feet in elevation Click to enlarge and stopping for a look at the Centennial Pool half-way up, these Gonzos walked out on to the cliff face overlooking the length of Crawford Notch. Spectacular!!

They had passed many young families, many with children as young as 2 years old, and had chatted with some senior citizens who passed them on the way up. Wonderful to see such a spectrum of people who loved hiking the Whites as much as these Gonzos do! Sitting overlooking the spectacular view, with Willy House far below and Webster Cliff to the left, we were surrounded by groups of young boys (9 of them with 3 leaders..wonder why!?), a group of young teenage girls and then, a group of thirty 8-10 year olds with 3 leaders (well-behaved) all dressed in flourescent green Tees. The cliff face was swarming with humanity!! All these young people will be back in the years to come, bringing their OWN children to experience the outdoors! And isn't that the name of the game...get out and get active! Good for all of us!!! Looking forward to many years of exploring the world of nature!!