Amethyst Cove Hike 2001       Picasa Photo Album

Kirsten's Perspective:

Another hike with dad and crew
Oh my God what's a girl to do?

Through the woods, in KNEE DEEP SNOW!
The very reason Split was a no go.

Don't look down over that cliff.
Not a worry Heather, you'll be down in a jif!

Good foot Ross dropped a rock,
but don't worry Ron was there to make the block.

Down on the beach for rocks galore.
Oh so many can become a bore. (no offense)

The time has come, back up you go.
Just don't look down, and by God go slow!

A lot of fun was had by me.
Just a prelude of more fun to be!

Thanks everyone for another great hike, and fun and interesting company!

Subject: Re: Easter Monday Hike (Rosco)

Easter Monday saw a new era for the Gonzos - the merger of a Gonzo hike with a Velo Cycling hike courtesy of mutual member, Ron Jeppeson. Ron has an amateur interest in geology so a group of five Gonzos and nine Velo members headed off along the peninsula that leads to Cape Split on Easter Sunday under Ron's direction.

As Kirsten has suggested it was too snowy to go all the way to Cape Split so in true Gonzo fashion we decided to do something that involves an unbroken trail through the snow and a roped descent at the end of it. There was some good news for Gonzos! None of us knew the way so the Velo contingent had to lead. Did I mention that after the trek through the snow ( it wasn't that bad bringing up the rear of the group) we had a roped descent to the beach.

The truth is that the beach was neat and the large group did have some interesting finds of gem (Amethyst?) crystals and possible primitive tools but everyone I spoke to on the beach was tending to be preoccupied by the necessary ascent. Since there were periwinkles attached to the rocks at the very base of the cliff it was very clear that the roped ascent was the only way to avoid getting very wet. We did it! And you know what was amazing! Once everyone was up there were no disparaging words about the hike and everyone, Velo and Gonzo alike, seemed to have consumed some mood elevator drug. Relief is happiness!

Daughter Kirsten was even heard saying: "I love a challenge!" And Ron, ever the vigilant tour guide, wasn't done yet. He stopped the vehicle entourage on the road off North Mountain to point out a pair of Red - tailed Hawks in the trees on the face of North Mountain. Thanks to 6RJG (that was another lifetime Ron!) for a great tour and the Velos were great companions. But did you know they have to rotate Duffy's job among the membership. Gonzos all say thanks to Bruce!