3 Fathom Harbour Night Hike 1999

It's amazing what we have around us and don't know it exists. Saturday evening gave to us another little piece of Mother Nature, in our very backyard, as beautiful as any place we have yet gone on any of our sojourns.

Eleven GONZOS and adherants rendevoused at 6:45 at the parking lot at Lawrencetown Beach-the surf was at its best, waves smashing wildly on the shore. The moon hung over our heads, making the beach visible from one end to the other. This was to be a magical night.

We car pooled a couple miles down the road along a side road to Three Fathom Harbour, to begin our trek along an abandoned rails to trails path led by fearless Rocket Ronnie. About 5 minutes along the trail we had to cross over a delapidated trestle, 400 metres in length, a spaghetti of rail ties. Twenty feet below was the changing tide roaring into Porter's Lake. A fall would put you into immediate danger, but being mountain climbers we knew there would be no problems. But then again we all watched as Stalker tippy toed his way across. More than one person reminded him of his old trail name "DUNKER"

After an enchanting walk along the rail line we turned up through someones yard, basically walked through their living room, and onto the shore. The shore line was like a "mini" Chignecto, not near as high but vertical to the water and a surf that was pounding in form the past couple days wind. The view, lit by the moon was tremendous. We wondered to the waters edge for a fire but found the wind too cooling, so found a small grassy area, sheltered by trees, and settled down to tea provided by Pack It In/Pack It Out and Steinbergs thanks to the Stalker. IMAX played games with our simple brains by shining his lazer light on the waves and convincing some of the weaker minds into hullucination ideas. The long list of Night Hikers (are we nearing 100?) who have been on at least one hike continues to grow as Dippers young, and quiet, daughter Sophie was welecomed to the den.

After rebuilding our energy with food, we continued our journey to the point of Graham Head. The views here a level above your average and it has definitly been added to our list of overnight sleep outs scheduled for this coming winter.

The trek back to our vehicles was interesting as Rocket Ronnie took us over at least 3 wrong "short cuts", the result being our hike back, 25% less in distance turned out to be 25% longer in time. Ron kept saying it looks different in the dark. This coming from a man who had earlier convinced me into going with him in the future into some old mine/caves looking for bats. I may think differently. It is dark in caves isn't it?

Seriously, thanks are to Ron for showing us a great night, and I will go into the caves, sounds neat.

The evening was closed out with a trip to Timmies in Cole Harbour for a brew. Nothing original or different there, EH!

Cheers to all

"THE" Sungod