NIGHT HIKE: The Youth Invasion 2000

For the first time in recent history the average age of a GONZO get together was under 50. Due to the Saturday marriage of Mountain Dancer there was an influx of baby Gonzos who have partooken in previous endeavers, and potentail Gonzos, in Metro, that caught wind of our planned Full Moon sojurn to Graham's Head.

Representing the "old" people were Scrounger, Sungod, Dipper, Ian and his trusty K9 Frosty. In from Toronto was the Radiogoddess herself, from Cape Cod was Andrew Friars and his new bride Allison (nee Duffy), from Sackville via the Kenduskaeg were the Erin and Darrin show, from Fishing Cove was old friend (one Gonzo trip makes you an old friend) Ronnie the Roomie and we were blest with an absolute newbie, the effervescent Kate Cross.

Rendevousing, per usual, at a local Timmie's, we were off to Lawrencetown Beach and the trail head. Going in it was still quite light and the walk over the old train trestle was not as nerveracking as last October (read the archives).

The views over the Atlantic from the high bank was beautiful. By the time we got to the fire pit it was now dark. Arriving we were met by a couple $50,000 SUV's doing verticals upthe trails. They stopped to talk, trying to convince us they were concerned we were highschool party goers out for a hoot. We were concerned they, in their inibriated state, would ride their vehicles off the 100 foot cliffs into the ocean. As it was all they did was smash them through the trees on the small logging road.

Deciding it would be better to hike out the rest of the way to the point and return for our fire after they were gone we continued on the narrow path along the cliff.

At the point we hung our noses over the precipice, laying vertical, looking down at the smashing surf. The moon never did come out through the light fog and clouds but the filtered light was sufficient to easily see our way over the fields and trails.

It was time to go back to the pit, get a nice fire going, and treat our bellies with dogs, marsmellows, and smores. The temperature was so perfect and the company even more perfect, we sat around the fire for well over an hour, telling tales of days gone by and future plans.

Finally realizing it was 11:15pm, we still had an hour+ trip home and there was a 65km bike ride in less than 9 hours, it was time to get moving.

It was especially nice to have my little girl and her husband on the hike before they go to the USA to continue getting on with their lives and also special to see Radiogoddess (aka Alissa Levy) in from her adopted home Toronto.

Until next time

Love and kisses.

-- The Sun god