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The party is over, the food has been consumed, an impromptu yard(living room) sale netted the Sungod $20.00 (a profit?), and preliminary plans for 2003 have been put to paper.

It was a fun day, starting in the afternoon with KOZMOS (Mike), a recent (1999?) hiker of the Appalachien Trail droping into Mark's kennel to talk about, show pictures, answer questions, and provide entertainment to I'm Selling Halifax, Sungod, Dipper, John Smith, Goat, Geezer, Imax, Spell Chic, Dave Cao, and Scrounger. Mike was full of information, some new, some verifying what we already knew, etc. His gear list was very interesting and also neat to reconcile it to be very similar to mine. A pack weight of around 35 to 40 pounds for 7 days now seems more than reasonable.The afternoon went by quickly with a supper break to My Father's Moustache for some carbos BEFORE the PotLuck.

After this brief repast, most of the above and numerous add ons re-rendevoused at the house of I'm Selling Halifax around 6:00pm..

Viking, Helga, Hinds Catch Up, Birder, Sungod, Geezer, Packitin/Packitout, Linda B., Scounger, Dipper, Don't be Last Claudia, Gregor and his bride Ann, Zac, Fireball, Barbie, and I'm Selling himself arrived carrying lots of goodies in big packages-Shepard's Pie, Sausages and Saurkraut, Chicken Thingies, Pastas, Salads, Cookies, lots of Chocolat stuff, and etc.


By the way, who provides the red candy strips, great idea?

One of the highlights, Zac, finally, brought his pictures into viewing of his (and a buddies) August canoe trip (600kms, 25 days, open ocean) around Cape Breton Island. A truly magnificent trip. This will be docoumented and forwarded, with pictures, in the near future.

Another fun 30 minutes was spent at the Sungod's semi-annual (in conjunction with Canada Day, July 1st) Frenchies resale, auction. Many Gonzos, especially Helga, I'm Selling Halifax, and Geezer made fools of themselves bidding outlandishly on varied, high tech, bits of clothing. The modeling by Packitin/Packitout and I'm Selling? was a hoot.

All the while, Gregor spent most of the evening flashing his digital in everyones face----looking forward to the pictures, memories of the night.

As the evening moved into the later hours--8:15pm., it appeared obvious we had to get going onto the planning calendar for 2003, before everyone's bodies started to slip away to dreamland. Most of us are on the 'tuck into bed at 10:00pm with the radio on automatic, never hear the radio go off.' mode in our later years.

A following email will highlight the calendar


THE Sungod