Planning Party and Feeding Frenzy 2005       Picasa Photo Album

Over 30 Gonzos and 'wannabees' were present for last nights bottomless containers of carbhydrates, fats, and proteins--another 'positive' calorie Gonzo outing.

There are many stories, pictures, and, of course, next years calander to be sent in future emails, once numerous confirmations made.

The highlight of the evening, second of course to the food, was an election of a new leader. We really don't exist in any 'official' capacity but we always felt we should have a strong leadership and in this endeaver, take this -10 year election-very seriously.

We have been blessed with strong past leaders, Mike Burke who led us through our 10 formative years, mainly as 'competitive' runners, and during the last 10 years, as we diversified into bikers, hikers, paddlers, climbers, and tourists, we have been led by Norman 'Dudley' Stein. We give our thanks to these Past Presidents and have placed them in the Gonzo Senate.

So in a very secretive manner, lower level bathroom, we nominated, seconded, and unanimously elected as our President for the next 10 years, Linda Mitchell, aka 'Wife of Scrounger.'

Ross, please let Linda know how happy we are to serve her.

See ya on the road...Sg