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Once again the Gonzos are indebted to Mark for opening his kennel for our Feeding Frenzy. Nice to see Collette down from Pictou, Robert and Sue from PEI, and Ai Ai, Marie and the Hunts attending their first Planning session.

After destroying the platters and cauldrons of proteins/fats in the main dishes, the delicate desserts, with a very chocolate theme, were inhaled. Another 'positive' calorie evening was had by all.

We then 'quietly' assembled in the sitting room to review the regular yearly events, putting dates on them, with some discussion and ribald commentary.

Nancy Warnica made a presentation to Mark of an 'original' earthenware bowl, thanking him, on our behalf, for his ongoing hospitality, with an obvious, but quietly asked question, "Can we come back next year?" A presentation was also made to the Gonzo Messanger and Maintainer of the list---of a 'virtual' 'original' earthenware bean crock, presently under construction, this for whatever he does in annoying people with various, and sundry, emails.--it was received with love!

Formal presentations (maybe semi formal) were then made:

Wayne Banks is planning a group hike in the Whites, stay at the Farm, doing 4 day hikes, original dates the first week in September, dates which may be undergoing some slight changes.

Betty Hollebone is planning a group bike ride in Quebec, the Saguenay River/Lac Saint Jean area. Tentative dates for this trip is September 15th to 22nd. Dates will be coordinated with Wayne's hike.

An email from Gordon Young (presently in Mexico, poor boy) was read, inviting the Gonzos for a weekend of eating, hiking, biking, and just hanging out in his old country place in Scotsburn, late August, September, or October. Dates to be identified after bike ride and hike finalized.

Sue and Robert identified a planned trip to Kathmandu, Lahsa, and Everest basecamp areas in October of 2008. More details of this trek in the near future.

Please refer any interest in the above to the planners as named, as they make their preliminary arrangements. It may seem far away but reservations have to be made ahead of time.

It was noted by the scribe that the aging Gonzos are doing a much better job of staying awake and not sneaking off as early in past years. At 10:00pm there were still hanger-oners around--------but there was a mass scattering soon there after.

Enjoy your fall weather and the Christmas season, look forward to seeing everyone on December 26th as we hike into Jack's Lake for oue annual Boxing Day hike, bon fire, and cook out.