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Once again the Gonzos thank Mark Stein for the use of his kennel for our every calorie increasing Feeding Frenzy and planning session forr the coming year.

Once again the eating and drinking is lasting longer than the planning, with a couple more comments each year our name should be changed again, once the Gonzo Runners, now the Gonzo Adventure Club, maybe it is nearing time to become the Gonzo Social Club.

That being said, around 30 of us had a few drinks, had lots of conversation, took in a few carbs, many fats, and a surplus of proteins, and lots of laughs.

Scallops (picked by Greg Stevens own hands last week), raw oysters Gordon Young got from his son in law's farm?, James Balcolm's RUM cake (Ernie Fage special), Perry's sausages/kraut, and various and sundry other salads, cakes, cookies, chillies, etc. were enjoyed by all.

On the planning side, it was short and sweet---details of the regular stuff and major things to be sent out in the near future.

- The group hike of the White Mountains in early September (Wayne Banks) and the group bike ride to the Magdalens, date to be verified,(Gordon Young and Judy Hunt) were discussed in some detail.
-Some talk of future interest in a hike across England/Scotland, maybe in 2009? Details to be looked at.


The Old: Note for those that may not be aware, there has been a Thursday night run going on for over 25 years now-- leaves the TUNS parking lot at 5:00pm for a run down to Point Pleasant Park--a 5km loop and an 8km loop. The pace is slow--9:30 pace on a fast night, but usually around 10:00 or more. Usually go out for a bite afterwards--contact any of the regulars for information(Murphy, Warnica, Levy, Mitchell, or some of the less regulars Duffy, MacDonald, Stein, and Holland.)

The New: A Tuesday Hike has been started and will go throughout the winter, consiting of various venues. The time required will vary relevent to the distance hiked, the weather, and the distance we have to drive to get to the trail head. Probably be between 9:00am and 2:00pm. Our first 2 hikes were the Wilderness Bluff Trail and tomorrow going to Pennant Point. Contact Nancy Warnica for details--hopefully an email will be sent as information each week until we get better organized.