AGM/Reunion 1999

Amid threats of provincial devastation by rain (35mm), thunder, tornados, and hurricanes the peddle to Grave's Island AGM must go on. With all the important items that had to be settled on our agenda, we could not wait another 5 years.

With a guarantee from the Sun god of no more than clouds (and a tail wind) Viking, Fireball, Maidenform, 1K2go, Sun god, Jayroam, and Gregor of many personalities left their various nests and caves to bike Hammonds Plains to begin a team, vigourous attack on the 65 kms stopping only for coffee at the Irving Station, brunch at Backpackers Restaurant in Hubbards. We didn't want to "bonk."

Arriving at Grave's Island around 12:15, our first realization was that food was in our support vehicles not due to arrive for an hour. Could we survive???

As more GONZO's and adherants arrived, the tables set, and the food piled up, there was a short lived football throw around where 1K2go would show the prowess of a typical Dalhousie alumni tight end---tight hands, and we all found out a Hollebone fault-He's a south paw.

Before we really dug in, Viking brought the meeting to order with a motion to approve the unread (and unwritten) minutes from the last meeting in 1981. Approval was unanimous and before a motion to adjourn could be discussed a number of people tried to bring up new business, After an emergency referral to Robert's Rules of Order, these motions were ruled out of place and adjournment took place.---LET'S EAT.

In true athletic style there were numerous salads, in true GONZO style there were even more high calorie desserts. A high light was Jayroams decadent chocolate rendition of both the Franconia and Presidential Ranges with a side order of Baxter.

In total we had 24 members in attendance, including OBD, Donna, Normie, Bill Mills, little Dipper and Sophie, Ms. Jayroam, Birder, Pack It Out and Linda, Allison D., Honest Abe and Betty, Anne MacD., and three more I can't remember (oldtimers disease), all motions, after limited discussion, were unanimous.

Mike Burke, in absentia, was re-elected President. The rest of our valuable executive has been left in disrepair and shambles. All agreed we will have to rectify this situation at our next AGM in 2004--site to be decided. Possible suggestion would be Northwood Manor.

Love and kisses to all

Sungod, Birder, and C.S. Lewis