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This years Planning Party has come and gone.

What started out over 10 years ago as a quiet evening at Warnicas or the Duffys (your guess is as good as mine), a few Gonzos sat around with a couple diet cokes and wrote a few things on the next years calander, some woodsie goals to accomplish.

Over the years this has grown into a regular feeding frenzy at the kennel of Mark Steins (Thanks again, eh!), where the main goal is to outdo each other in stocking the Pot Lucked table with our best goodies and then to 'try' and make all that stuff dissappear--we didn't do too good last night in the latter part--BUT it was real good trying.

During some of these past get togethers we recognized one, or more, of our peers for some accomplishment or helpful deeds. This year the TAO Rum Runners Relay Committee decided they would like to 'quietly' recognize Jerome for his 20 years of dedication on the Organizing Committee. The quiet part lasted only until the brains started working.

Instantly the word went out-----'ROAST GEEZER' While, last night may have been one of the funniest couple hours I have been involved in--other than maybe the Red Dress Chorale and Ann MacDonalds party--but that's another story.

Our host, never one to shy away from a microphone, played at MC, reading a little prose from our resident in absence Larry Clement--you could just see Jerome squirm in the seat as soon as he figured out who these words were coming from. Over the next 20 minutes we were entertained, as Mark said a few kind? words and presented a pair of Moose Slippers, with bells on, a nice (really) poem from our resident poet Nancy Warnica--bringing tears to eyes.

Gregor then presented, with a lead in (my words but close) 'If you are too nice a guy to be one, at least you can wear one.' presenting JCB with his own personal 'dick head.'

This was followed with a 'slide show' presented by Perry of the past 20 Rum Runners Relay years, and some side comments generally on running. This was the funniest 15 minutes we have had in memory. You will notice the word I used was 'had' and not 'seen'. That is because the slide show had no projector, no screen, and no slides.

All Perry had was a little clicker in his hand and, as he pointed to the blank wall, and as we all looked at the blank wall------MESMORIZED----he made a few comments of who was in the picture and when/where the scene was taken..................................and we all could 'really see' the picture because we had lived them over the years. My jaws are still tired.

All the above being said we did plan a few things, even though now many are regular events in stone, there are a number of major projects for next year--see a following email

As I was driving home I looked at my watch and grinned to myself (that may not be a good sign!), noting it was just around 10:00pm. I still remember the days (sort of) when that would be the time I would going out the door to head to the party. Aw, maybe there is a bit of the Geezer in all of us.



A Toaster Roaster to Jerome upon his retirement from some committee

I tried so hard to let my mind roam -
Oh how could I possibly roast our Jerome?
He's been a good friend to all of us here.
Why he deserves a rousing good cheer!
Dump on the guy - I don't know if I can.
I have no bad stories to share about this man.

Let me remind you he is in our Hall of Fame.
Inducted as a builder, his awesome claim.
For years he ran around, both near and far.
He organized, he announced, he raised the bar -
He put Run Nova Scotia on the map.
Under his leadership, the member it swelled -
Umm, sorry! - The membership it swelled, to that we give clap.

But I understand he is retiring from some committee.
For fellow members, this is truly a pity.
I guess the old fart has had his day -
Yeah Jerome, just dump the committed and go on your way.

Come to think of it now, my head is clearing.
Jerome is not always so divinely endearing.
He can pout a little, give cold shoulder and get in a snit.
And sometimes, albeit rarely, he can be a real SHIT!

But alas I digress, I am here to toast -
Jerome the cake maker and wonderful host.
For if you have ever been a fortunate guest
At Jerome's and Gail's - well they are the best.

So why would he leave? Does he seek other things?
Perhaps he needs freedom to travel and spread his wings.
To seek new adventure, meet more Heidi's I think.
The Swiss mountain lady who hasn't even a sink.
No power, no water, no toilet and content no doubt.
This woman impressed him - impressed him -
This guy who won't even camp out!

Yes, I think Jerome wants to free up more time.
To pursue other things that play on his mind.
It's nothing we said, did or did not do.
It's just the way- something he needs to go through.
But remember with fondess the committee, your friends and the run.
The Greyhounds, with whom you had so much fun.
And should you get tired of new things not yet tried.
Just knock on our door, and we'll let you inside.

Nancy Warnica Nov 2004