Gonzo Aquatic Follies 2001

Fun and games on, in, and under the water continues for this ever growing 'splinter group'.

The regular Wednesday night paddle at the Marina is becoming a HAPPENING! Last week there were 10 people (Rocket Ronnie, Low Maintainance and Brian MacLaughin, Gezzeer, Imax, Goat, Viking, Helga, Sungod, Dipper, and the Birder) on the water in various canoes and kayaks and we continue to grow. If you are interested in getting involved come on out. Boats are available. We have all levels, from the neophyte to a couple pros. The normal evening is: rendevous at 6:00pm, 1.5 hour paddle to Waverly(return), and have a cup of tea. Baked goodies are welcome as token to group.

On the weekend 5 racing Gonzos(Imax, Viking, Goat, Sungod, and Dipper) and SHERPA Darrin went to Kingston for the 12km Annapolis River Race. The river is narrow, twenty feet in many places, and is one sharp turn after another.There were two highlights to the trip. The first was learning a new acronym--DNS-As runners we have been familiar with this as 'Did Not Start'. The term in canoe racing is 'Did Not Surface.' (you will have to ask). The other was a stop over at the Kingston FRENCHIES on the way home where leather jackets, shirts, Gortex jackets, and high tech pants were purchased.

There are 6 more races in NS and a few in NB we could attend. Again invitation is open. Come as support, still lots of fun.

Over and above the regular Wednesday night paddle, the irregular Sat/Sun morning or evening paddles, and the fun paddles after dark the following are 3 events to put on your calendar for the near future.

June 8 (500 meter sprints),June 9 (20km C1 and C2 race), June 10 (10km race)-Possible trip to Fredericton for the above. Camping (or motels for the whoossies). Any interest?????

June 16-Trail Shop Canoe to the Sea 16km race in the Dartmouth Lakes. Many and various classes.

June 23 and June 24---Overnight camping trip-Sea kayak (open canoe possible if weather good) to off shore Island/beach. Details to be worked out.



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