First Bike Ride 2006       Picasa Photo Album

What a great start to the year, and also great weather, for the pre-pre-Good Friday ride--too bad some have not 'dug' their trusty metal steads out of the basement yet. Or maybe they are waiting to the 'official' start date of Good Friday--which is late this year. Obvious by his abscence, was the Scrounger, who apparently missed the 5 or 6 emails that have gone via cyberspace over the past 2 weeks.

I attach 'team' picture of the eleven riders, including Mr. and Mrs. 'O', Sis, Gimp, Helga, Honest Abe, One of the three 'giggle' sisters, Walmart, THE Sungod, Dipper, and the effervescent Huntclub(after 3 months of a personal trainer-whooooosh)

As usual, the trip, was rudely interrupted by an hour stopover at the Big Stop in Enfield, so all could replenish their energy levels with various plates of fats, protiens, and carbos.

Next week--Ross--read this coming week--we will again be heading out the #2 highway, with a to be determined turn around--at least past the Big Stop--and a to be determined breakfast--MickieDees in Elmsdale? Big Stop on the return? Maybe back at Timmies in Fall River-Decisions, decisions.

-Sunday, April 9th
-8:00am departure
-Timmies, Fall River
-North, out the old road

For those that may not have time to do all, do a little math and turn around as required.