"GUESS WHO'S" not on the bike trip 2000

Last Wednesday night at the Warnica Marina on our regular Wed. night paddle, I posed the question to Viking and Helga as to where our next ride should be. Since very few (2) were available for the Aspotagan Peninsula last week, one of the better (best) rides, it was an unanimous choice.

After waiting an extra 10 minutes with our group of 7 Saturday morning, off we went hopeing some tragedy, and we don't have a really good track record this year, didn't befall Viking and Helga who were no shows. Turns out our geriatric friends had been put to the Guess Who, geriatric in their own right, reincarnation. Not getting home till well near midnight, their bodies could not handle the early wakeup call.

The ride to breakfast at Blandford was just magical. Beautiful bright sun, no wind, we attacked the uphills and cruised the flats and down hills.

Included among our regulars Sungod, Scrounger, Stalker, Dipper, and Fireball were two, as yet unnamed, newbies Tracy Crowell and Wendy Dauphinee. Their first comments were a concern that they would not be able to keep up.These comments were coming from two girls, somewhere between 5% and 8% body fat between them. Tracy had just run in the Cabot Trail Relay and was dressed in Dri-Lite and other various pieces of high tech gear (doesn't matter that it comes from Frenchies) and Wendy was equally as well dressed (I think she may have paid $ for hers) and was sitting on a "CANNONDALE"

They were concerned?????????????????? This lasted about 2 minutes. Forgetting about everyone else on our trips, as long as the Sungod is along no one ever has to worry about being last.----Unless it's down hill. I still have challenged Normie that if he isn't well ahead of me when we get to the top of Rockies on our X Canada ride this fall he may never see me until Ontario. I think my record of 91 kph in La Gaspesie stll stands.

As always breakfast is a highlight of any trip. All but one had the Combo Special, the only difference was-scrambled, over easy, scrambled, sunny side up, scrambled. Wendy tried to impress everyone with a more nutrtious item. A few of us silently knew we wouldn't be 20% body fat if we ate like that.

Leaving the restaurant we were pleasantly greeted with a "brisk" tail wind which lasted until we reached Bayswater where it turned into a "very brisk" head wind for the remaining 20 kms. With all the ups and downs through Aspotagan Cove, North West Cove, and Mill Village, this made the ride home tough, but so are we.

We snaked our way along stopping a number of times for chain off, pee break, yard sale, pee break, visit to Fox Point wharf, and just to "smell the roses".

Love and kisses

Sungod, Birder, Motor, Allison, and C.S. Lewis

-- The Sun god