Aspotaghan Peddle 2001

The GONZO Adventure Club welcomed newbie Kirsten Mitchel to the peddle around Aspotaghan which is still the BEST bike ride in Nova Scotia. Sneaking up on us with regular 9 mile runs around the Waverly route preparing for the Cabot Trail Relay, buying a brand new, and bright (gaudy) mountain bike , with shocks, she proceded to lead the the ride on her inaugural day.

It was an absolutely pleasant day, 't' shirt weather, for 8 riders, Geezer, I'mSellingHalifax, Sungod, Viking, Helga, PackitinPackitout, Kirsten, and Scrounger.

Only a few km's into the ride, the Geezer broke a spoke and hitched a ride with Lovely Linda to the resataurant in Blandford. Upon investigation hack saw marks were noted on the broken spoke and there are serious accusations going around that Jerome self inflicked the break to allow more of a rest before the Geezer Challenge that night. Time will tell.

The Sun god