Aspotagan - One More Time 2002

For those that didn't ride the 'Aspotaghan' last Saturday, it is still the best 55km ride around. Ten riders participated in the beautiful spin along the Atlantic, viewing many seabirds, the Islands of the bays, the Swiss Air 111 Memorial, Bayswater Beach, and the Fishing Villages of Aspotaghan, Northwest Cove, Deep Cove etc. Helga, Viking, Sungod, the newly named 'Cruiser' aka Judy Hunt, John McCraken, Dipper, Scrounger, newbies Sherry Fraser and Heather Hogg.

Special mention must be made of Point 5 who had his value decreased to .25 in the ride to the Big Stop. Dave showed great character and staying power this week, not only biking to bacon and eggs and the little stopover in Blandford, he continued on completing the entire loop. Has he earned a full name, can he now be called Number One? Stay tuned in.

Cheers from the Kennel