Writeup 2004

Make mine with the Works, eh!

Visions of the past as I arrived at the parking lot in Hubbards to meet up with whomever may be out today. There standing next to another silver Honda yet, were Robin and his lovely wife Vickie, 'resplendent' in their spandex biking gear. That's right, the Works family, after 10 years of travelling the country looking for the 'perfect Yellow Page' have returned to the kennel.

The ride itself was fairly uneventful. The 'loop' is still one of the nicest------pretty ocean views all morning, some hills to make it a bit of a test, 'low carb' breakfast at Blandford, sweeping drops into a couple fishing villages, and a a 65km/hour drop into Fox Point.

Magical morning, see you at the PPP