Aspotagan 2007       Picasa Photo Album

What a nice day, cloudy but clear, cool but nice, and a bit breezy. Perfect weather for a pedal around the Aspotaghan Peninsula---3rd week in a row.

John, Bruce, Gordon, Nancy, Betty, and Judy rendevoused at Hubbards and cruised the 24 kms out to East River and Blandford at a nice brisk pace.

After spending a 'full' hour+ at the Deck Restaurant munching on bacon, eggs, toast and coffee, we decided we would retrace our steps -----moaning about the head wind, the hills, the boring scenery, etc. if we were to continue the counter clockwise direction to Bayswater, North West Cove, Mill Cove, etc.

This did allow us the opportunity to do the fairly long, slightly steep climb out of Deep Cove and the long, and relatively steady, climb from East River. With a tail wind we just flew up these blips.

Cheers to all.