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Gonzos and friends of every description were at the kennel of I'm Sellin Halifax Sunday evening to provide a send off to the Grayhounds.

The boys will soon be taking the bus from Bangor (March 17th) for a 24 hour ride south to Georgia where they will be getting off, turning north, for a 4,368 hour walk back to Baxter Park, ME.

True to all Gonzo (Potluck) outings, the table was full of scrumptious goodies, meatballs, spare ribs, salads, fruits, etc. and of course MANY high calorie desserts. Thanks again to Mark for opening his kennel to the croo.

Along with the guests of honour Goat, Viking, and Scrounger, tucked in every nook and crannie were Halifax, Gregor and his lovely wife Anne, Dawn, Helga, Dipper, Sungod, Birder, Packitin/packitout, linda,Geezer, Honest Abe,, Betty, P#@*k, Gail, Fireball, the Rocket, Andrew and his bride, Don't be Last, Sherpa, Hinds Catch Up, Imax, Norm, Motorhome, Sue, and special guest Larry Clements.

The guys were presented, at great cost, with a couple GO-AWAY gifts--Scrounger with some shoulder pads so as not to get in the situation he had in the Whites, Goat with some coffee goodies to get him through his 18 cup a day habit, and the Viking with a bottle of Beano--no explanation required. They then were required to 'Bare their Gear' for all to ooh, aah, and redicule. New tarps, new stoves, new filters, and new underwear---They will be a walking, look good in the woods, fashion show.

Their packs, less food and water were all around 32-35 pounds so with average of 5 days supplies (some longer, some shorter) it looks like the boys will be hefting about 45 pounds.

In another true tradition of Gonzo outings, it was an early breakup as people departed to their various shelters well before the midnight hours---actually it was closer to 7:30pm--Ah yes, but don't forget, most will be up early the next day getting their early workout in, EH?

THE Sungod