Night Hike Bedford 1999

To the relief of all, tonight's trek through Bedford's Death Zone, was completed without tragedy.

After storing the required calories at Timmies to complete the 60 minute journey, VIKING, Helga, Chelsea, Sungod, Birder, Lewis the Licker, Jerome, Stalker, Honest Abe, IMAX, Wendy, Ronnie Rocket, Low Maintainance, Brian, Margot, and the "Newbies"-Government Workers Crystal, Marlene, and Kelly began their journey by safely crossing the asphalt jungle of the Bedford Highway.

Over the next hour they scurried across the Sobey's desert, climbed through a hole in "The Barbed Wire Fence Wall" from the West into the dreaded East. The first obstacle encountered was the gas of the sewage treatment plant which was successfully completed without supplemental oxygen, after which we quietly slinked past the 'slum rowhouses' built on the Basin shore. The many shadows petrified our group but we herded together to protect the week and no GONZOS were lost.

Our next problem was the raging Sackville River which, due to recent rains, had a very high and dangerous level. We forded the river successfully, the only one going for a swim being Lewis the Licker.

Our original plan of attempting the mountainous hills of Shore Drive seemed futile at this time considering how beat up the majority of our team was after 45 minutes, our water was running low, we had run out of moleskin, and hypothermia was becoming a major concern.

It was decided to take the well know short cut past the old site of Nubody's Monastery to the Magazine Hill, keeping well to the northwest of the ammunition barracks, any spark could cause the whole area to explode in devastation.

We finally struggled under the sanctity of the big tree that looks like a chicken, to relieve our hunger and thirst with hamburgers, chickenburgers, pop, and various ice creams.

After congratulating each other on our accomplishment we returned to our vehicles, returning home to reunite with our families.

Cheers to all