Boxing Day Hike 2001

Wrap it up, put a bow around it and kiss it good-by.

The final GONZO event of 2001 was the xxx Annual Boxing Day Hike to and around Jack's Lake.

Eighteen (18) Gonzos left the comfort of their kennels to join for a sojourn into the fire pit overlooking the lake. If you are sharp (or are one of those with little to do), you will notice only 17 names listed. That is because the author's brain is numb. After rendevousing at the local Timmie's, Viking, Sungod, Birder, Ian Blair, Imax, Spell Chic, Radiogoddess and her Star Spangled American hubby, SpellChic's sister Eileen (Irene maybe?), Darrin, Erin, Darrin's dad Bill, Fireball, Barb, Scrounger, Mountain Dancer and his expectant bride, Kathy. A small contingent of K9's were along---C.S. Lewis, Bracken, and Frosty.

The day was perfect and also lacking in any of the excitement of past years, lost on the power lines, submerged in streams etc.. The temperature was around 0*C, the sky was clear, the footing was just enough snow to know it was winter. After a nice 40 minute stroll through nature's beauty, we all huddled around the fire, snacking on chocolate goodies, lots of dips and stuf, and 10 pounds of muscles. After getting all the stories of how all spent X-Mas and what outdoor goodies Santa may have brung (nice to have our own MEC store, eh?) we were off into the sunset, best wishes to all and a looking forward to 2002.

Cheers to all

The Sun god