Boxing Day Hike 2003       Picasa Photo Album

What has been the unanswerable question--Is this the first Gonzo group event of the upcoming year or the last group event of the past. After much discussion (30+ seconds at least) it was decided that, as Brucie so aptly puts it in the calendar, our season ends basically with the November 11th in Keji, wraps up with the Planning/PotLuck get together, goes into a December hibernation, with a Boxing Day awakening.

We have our OWN Gonzo Calendar, we start the season when we think it is a good idea.

Welcome to the GONZO New Season.

The Boxing Day hike continues to be one of the best attended events of our busy season---18 in 2001, 24 (and 7 dogs) in 1999, 2000 being the biggest with 32 (6 dogs) starting the hike, 27 completeing after some wiped out on the ice. This year 27 Gonzos (3 dogs), new and old, hiked into the fire pit at Jack's Lake to enjoy a variety of goodies, cheese, crackers, mussels, smoked salmon, salsa dip, various cookies and candies, hot chocolat and 'green' tea.

The trail was VERY muddy from the torrential rains we have had over the very unseasonable past week(s) with the forcast not being much different for the next week--lows of -2 to +2 with highs of 0 to +5. Jeff Warnica had a fire going very quickly to warm the wet feet and the group spent an enjoyable couple hours overlooking the Lake.

The surrounding downfalls from the hurricane that hit Halifax a while ago were amazing. The direct route into the fire pit (which we all took) was fairly clear but from there on to the wooden bridge was almost immpassable.

As time passed, bodies started to dissappear onto the trail to return to their warm and dry kennels.

After spending a few minutes (Sungod, Dipper, Viking, and Scrounger) surveying the area for possible places to put their tarps or tents for the January winter overnighter, water was put on the fire, and the area was left as before we arrived.

MERRY CHRISTMAS to all, and hope to see you on the trail or water in the NEW YEAR.