Boxing Day Hike 2006       Picasa Photo Album

Believe it or not--you do not melt in the woods when it is less than temperate and raining, and once again 16 humans and 6 K/9's proved this.

As soon as we stepped out of the parking lot at the trail head it was instant mud---but we knew in around 1/2 hour we would be cuddled around the fire pit at Jack's Lake eating mussels, salmon, cheeses, and numerous goodies, many containing various levels of chocolate. Hot teas and drinks were enjoyed all around.

Present and accounted for were Skip (Sebastien), Peggy and Keith (Josephine), Bernie and Darrin, Gordon and Jeff (Tessa), Chris and Betty, Donna and AiAi, Greg and Barbie (Mad Max), Bruce (Lewis and Finzi), Ross, and Jerome.

If you weren't there you missed a good time--and really enjoyed your evening shower.

See you all in 2007, eh!

The Sun god