Boxing Day Hike AGM 2007       Picasa Photo Album

Finally we were treated to a really nice day after many years of wind, rain, snow, ice, sleet, and trees blown down.

As in past year, we warmed our bodies at Timmies before heading into the fire pit at Jack's Lake, which requires a nice 30 minute hike.

Thanks to 6-4, and his helping elves, for getting a blazing fire going, thanks to everyone for the many cookies, candies, cheeses, rum balls, fudges, and dips. Missing this year was the big pot of muscles, Clearwater having been sold out from the pre-Christmas rush--will buy ahead next year.

We had a nice little group of 21--15 humans and 6 K9's, including Keith and Peggy, Chris and Betty, Gordon and Nancy, Greg and Barbie, Jeff and Jade, Bruce D., Ross, Judy, Donna and Ai Ai., along with Joey, Mad Maxx, Chip, Finzy, Brie, and C.S. Lewis.

As we finish up with 2007, remember to not just dream of the spring and the nice weather in May--Make use of the next four months, if you don't ski, skate, if you don't skate, get out there and walk, take in the beauty of winter or you are wasting half of the life time available to you.

I hope you are enjoying the Christmas season and offer my Best Wishes to you for the New Year.