Boxing Day 2008

Ah, the 'official' end of another season of activities, time to look forward to a new year, eh!

Fourteen Gonzos hung over their hot coffees in Timmies, for 3/4 an hour, basically noting all the calories they have intaken over the past couple days and how long it will take to get back in fighting trim. Soon it was time to move along, Nancy W,, Judy, and Tess went off down the Bedford Shore Drive, Donna, Ai Ai, and new Gonzo Jing Su headed back to the Big city, while Bernie, Greg, Barbie, Ross,Jerome, Bruce, Peggy, and Keith---along with C.S. Lewis, Max, and Joey headed off to the trail head into Jack's Lake.

What a beautiful day, sunny but crisp. The trail was basically clear with some ice but smooth sailing--except where there were a few crashes through some bogs.

The fire pit has been worked on by some locals, who have constructed a real 'professional' site of rocks and logs, overlooking the lake from the high point---Real nice.

Lots of candies, chocolate, teas, cookies and pate.

Happy New Year to everyone and see you in 2009 on some road or lake.


Dipper's Boxing Day 2008

Gonzo Dipper spent the day with his family. Out to Lawrencetown to see the winter surfers. Emily was all agog with the break. Good thing we didn't have any winter gear with us. A Florida girl in Nova Scotia winter ocean water. Not even a great dry-suit would be much help there.

Also got out on the traditional Xmas run around the neighbourhood with daughter Sophie. She replaced all my fancy Xmas gear. We didn't get as many waves and beeps and in a little place like Summerside PEI. We didn't go to PEI this Boxing Day. Car too old, Dad too nervous