Boxing Day Hike 1999

Arriving at Tim's at 1:00pm it looked like this would be a thinly attended event. Sitting at the table having a brew were just Dipper, Ian, and VIKING. Then over the next few minutes body upon body made their way through the door. By the time we went to the trailhead there were 24 humans and 7 canines. The GONZOS are alive.

For those that care and keep count we were Sungod, Dipper, Viking, HELGA, Heinz Ketchup, Andrew W. and his girlfriend, Mark "I'm Selling Halifax", Holly, Amanda, Alyssa(who was sort of at last years hike, born 10 days later), Big Ed, his wife, Ewin(whose legs were shorter than Lewis's), Sungod's twin sister Judy, Len, Paula, IMAX, Wendy, Radio goddess just in fro TO, Matt, Erin, Ian, Judy H..

We were later joined by Honest Abe, Betty, and the Stalker.

Our four legged friends were veterns Printer and that little lady Chelsea who brought along their friend Hero. Tearing through the woods like two deer were Frosty and Chip with C.S. Lewis trying to keep up on his four stubs, while Kira and Fozzy pranced along like royalty.

The weather was once again perfect, slightly overcast sky, little wind in hhe woods, and a moderate temperature of -2*. The ground was frozen, allowing for no mud and just a few icey spots. The hour hike was basically uneventful with much socializing and so many to socialize with. There were 9 newbies on this sojourn and the estimate is now if everyone who has been on at least on hike all showed up there would be over 100.

Upon arriving at the fire pit VIKING had a blaze going in no time and we all settled around its warming glow. Various goodies and drinks were passed around and shared by all. There was cookies, cheese, peperoni, bits/bites, and chocolates, Wendy handed out little yogurt covered things, Mark had kabobs and a peanut dip(Taiwainese?), Sungod and IMAX steamed up 10lbs of muscles which were devoured by the vultures, Honest Abe served a milky drink, Judy H. (I think) poured some cider into waiting glasses and the Stalker offered a little wine in fancy crystal(plastic) glasses.

We hiked our way back to our vehicles around 4:30. The day was a perfect opposite to the hubbub of the festive season and a great relaxation to all.


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