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Paddle FROM the Sea, Canada Day morning

Once again a small number (10 and 1K9) of Gonzos paddled out through the series of lakes (banook, MicMac, Charles, Williams, and Thomas) and canals, while portaging the various locks, on Canada Day morning.

Keith and Peggy in their new Maple, with their new puppy, John and Jeff in the Sungod's Penobscot'16 (sharpest entry of all Old Town canoes), Bruce and Bernie in the Cruiser, Gordon and Ross in the XX, and Alland and Shirley in the Stealth.

Basically a beautiful, sunny 4 hours, with a bit of a tail wind--delightful. Even the protages were enjoyable. Stopped at Flat Rock in the south end of Lake Williams for a cookie and a little tour around.

The last portage was at the Irving station in Waverly where the water goes under the Rocky Lake Road. While the others in their more delicate kevlar, cedar strip, canoes decided the water was too tight to the bridge to run the bit of white water, John and Jeff in the 'Royalex' Penobscot said--"why portage when you can paddle."

As Jack Nicklaus once said--"If you go down the middle and stay out of trouble you will come in the top 10 a lot---BUT if you go over the trees at the green you may win a couple tourneys, even if you sometimes hit a tree."

Well, the boys hit an oak, so to speak.

The best thing to say about the day?---I finally got a sun burn--you got to love it!




Canada Day Barbeque

The GonzoKennel again thanks Gordon and Nancy for opening the Marina North for the Annual Canada day festivities for the over 35 participants--that's over 35 people, the ages were well over 50.

-It was sunny.
-There were no bugs.
-The beer was cold.
-The BBQ was hot, after a rush trip to the gas station.
-The chef (Gordon) kept a steady supply of burglers and hot dogs going
-Nancy's games re: Canada and Canadians was again top notch
-The prizes were at an all time high--even the 'funny ones were special, BUT the precious ones were Nancy W.'s homemade pottery 'rejects.' Once people saw these prizes the games became more serious.

And of course the company, and conversation, was scintillating (I should look up the spelling of that word but I think I may be right)

EDITOR'S NOTE: But Bruce ALWAYS thinks he's right. so what is the value of the previous declaration???