Canada Day at the Marina 2008       Picasa Photo Album

Once again the Warnicas have invited us to celebrate Canada Day at the Marina, and once again we came, over 40 of us! Thanks Gordon and Nancy for your hospitality, entertainment, pottery prizes(Nancy), new deck addition(Gordon), and, for those not on a diet, the hamburgers and hot doggies.

The games were exceptional this year, the prizes getting better, and/or funnier, thanks also to Barbie. We had some new 'old' people, some old 'new' people, some at least 3 grand children--Vails and Warnica--and the regular old, 'old' people.

You would not believe what fun could be had with a Dollar Store plastic coat hanger and closet re-arranger and I will not attempt to explain it--those that were there understand. And for those that think Engineers are sort of smart, or at least should be? Well a simple Etch a Sketch arm band mesmerized one old guy for an hour or more.

You now know summer is really here.