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They came from everywhere, old (as in haven't seen for a while), new (as in never seen before), the regulars (as in see too much probably), and those in between (as in some of them I hope to see again).

Twenty seven (that's right, 27)----'Mr. Cabot Trail' Bill Campbell, Rocket Ronnie Jeppesson, straight from Fredericton via Minnesota, the return of Lorenzo Sampson, his Bro-Joe, and Bro-Inlaw Dennis. These ROADIES were seen at the start and finish and once in awhile during the ride when they decided to drop back and say hi. Our once a year (promise to do better) immigrants from Ontario Dave Jellecoe (on his recumbent) and John McCracken were there. Regulars The Dipper, Sungod, the Scrounger, Viking, Helga, Geezer, Packitinpackitout, I'm Selling Halifax, Honest Abe, Betty Boop, Le P*&^K, Claudia Don't be last, and Judy Hunt peddled their little buns off. Paddling buddy Darrin 'beat me in Kenduskeag last year' Gray was there along with absolutely new Wannabees Ted Wallace, Mike and Cindy O'Leary, and my dear little neice, Jo-Anna Arseneau.

The Convoy was moving at exactly on the prescribed hour 8:00am from Waverly, much to the chagrin, and surprise of the Scrounger and Dipper who were 2 minutes late. We have been getting lazy in our start times and they figured 8:03 was good enough. BE FOREWARNED---NO MORE---8:00 MEANS 8:00.

We moved out quickly, reletively speaking, meeting up at Timmie's in Fall River for a team picture, before we started out down the road-----Beautiful sunny day, few icy spots to be aware of, but a gorgeous day. Within minutes we were spread out over 1/2 mile, what a sight of colours, spandex of all shapes and sizes---actually everyone looked splendid--many in MEC gear, some in Frenchies 'once was' expensive stuff, some in, heaven forbid, cotton.

There were $3,000 road bikes, many $700 high tech beauties, lots of the $400 goodies, both road and mountain, and a couple $200 CTC Models.

The ride was uneventful, especially for the first outing for most people (and bikes)--Unbelievably there were no flat tires, nothing mechanical and no physical breakdowns--other than a few 'bum' complaints.

We arrived at the Big Stop, over a period of 10 minutes, being joined by Linda Banks and Paul Hunt, for platters full of grease--bacon, sausage, ham, and balogna---eggs, toast, home fires and mucho caffeine..

After an hour+ break---more time than the ride itself, it was back onto our trusty metal and rubber steeds and off into the head wind--I think we had a head wind coming out---funny how an out and back can have a head wind both ways.

What a start to a new season---

Paddle on the Shubenacadie River tommorrow and hiking Taylor's Head on Easter Monday- You gotta love it.

See ya all next Satrurday for the ride to Elmsdale Mickie Dee's.