Good Friday Bike Ride 2004       Picasa Photo Album

What a gorgeous morning, the water (what wasn't still frozen) on Lake Thomas was glass, the sky was bright blue--a perfect day for the umpteenth Gonzo Ride to the Big Stop, our first 'official group' ride each year.

We are again off to an optomistic start that we will get back to our regular weekend rides (with breakfast in various locals of course) for the months of April/May/June before the summer stuff, vacations, etc. seem to take over. Because of the other stuff--paddling, adventure races, etc. to go along with the old faithful hiking and running, that seem to have become a part of the GAC, these regular rides seem to have dwindled to every 3 weeks or so, and I guess that is not really bad--we are just busy doing 'other' stuff.

Trying not to digress anymore, there were 13 bikers today, including Anne Marie a newbie. This is nowhere near the 29 we had a couple years ago, but a lot more than the 0 riders one time in a snow storm.

I attach a picture of the group 'after' large plates of grease and many mugs of caffeine. Conspicuous by his abscence was Walmart, shown in his own separate photo putting some air in his tire---a little too much air actually----memories of Mae West a few years back in our trip around the Gaspesie---BOOOOM!

See ya on the road, eh!

THE Sungod