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Gonzo Easter Weekend--some years it is early, some years it is late, since:

--Easter is always celebrated on the Sunday immediately following the first full moon after the vernal (spring) equinox. It can fall anywhere between March 22 and April 25--

This year it happens right in the 'middle', but as we know this has nothing to do with what the weather will be like--It has been terrible in late April and beautiful in March.

This year we had it all, and it looks like participation may have suffered because it 'MIGHT' do something. That being said, the ride, paddle, and hike all took place and the weather was great.

And wasn't Saturday night and Sunday morning's snow storm absolutely beautiful. For the information of those those who live in the city, the woods were magical.

Good Friday Bike Ride

It was so nice to see Carol and Gordon Young down from Pictou and their son Jacob up from Washington DC, joining us on the ride. Other 'roadies' were Nancy and Gordon, Betty and Chris, Ross, Bruce D., Wayne, Judy, Donna and AiAi.(in their new tandem)

The ride to the Big Stop was very smooth with a nice tail wind and upon arrival we were joined by Linda Banks and Rocket Ronnie(who wanted to show off his crutches from foot operation--looked cool)

The head wind on the way home caused separation of the masses, was tough, but fun for the 'drafters.'

Easter Saturday Paddle

The parking lot had an extreme lack of canoes/kayaks on roof racks when I arrived at the Big Stop around 8:15am. I was a bit late so I knew we would not have a big contingent this year. Some were down sick with colds but we assumed most did not come because of the coming snow storm--'much later that day'.

After pounding the calories, it was off to the put in, shuffle car(s) to Lantz, and back to Enfield.

It was a meandering paddle down the river, Bernie, Wendy, and Louella Crosby in the Penobscot 17, Dave and Michael McCurdy in their nice shiney red Appalachian, and Bruce D. in his Sunburst kayak.

The water was the lowest we have seen in recent memory though we were not around last year (in Kenduskeag) when it was also a low water spring.

As we neared Lantz we met Kris Archibald (local competive marathon paddler) out training in the Archibald racing C1-canoe

For those fearing the impending storm, it should be noted the morning was mostly sunny, no wind, and magical.

Easter Monday Hike

What a nice morning and what a nice way to start a new week---with a hike on Nova Scotia's ocean shore.

After some Timmie's tea and coffee (with muffins, etc.) Nancy W., Judy H., Judy W., Betty H., and Bruce D., decided to change the original hike to instead go down the Salt Marsh Trail towards Lawrencetown Beach along the coastal inlets.

Slight wind in our backs going out (1 hour), which turned out to be a stiff wind in our faces coming back. The neat thing was it appeared at times that our K-9 hikers (Chip, Tessa, and C. S. Lewis) were drafting each other--Dogs are not that stupid, eh!

OK, let's go to eat--how about Hungry Jack's--nope, Judy had to pick her car at Penhorn--OK, how about Bill's Diner in Fall River--so the 'convoy' headed there---nope, closed for Easter Monday.

Let's go home and call it a great weekend

Cheers, hope to see you on next weekends bike ride.