Easter Monday Hike 2004       Picasa Photo Album

Part III of the Easter weekend activities, after the Friday bike ride and the Saturday paddle, was the hike on Monday to the Kejimkujek Seaside Adjunct at Port Mouton/Port Joli. Thanks to Ronnie Jeppeson, probably a member of more 'activitie' clubs than anyone--Gonzo, Greyhound, Velo, Screaming Road Pig, and the head of, sole owner, and leader of RROA (Rocket Ronnie's Outdoor Adventures), twelve Gonzos (and wannabees) and four Velos had a most enjoyable 3 hour hike through the marshes, woodlands, and beaches. The hike included a tea break on the beach, watching the Rocket send smoke signals at the fire, and peaking out into the Atlantic at some seals off the shore. One of the many highlights of the day was the Engineering feat of Mark, Dave, Wayne, and Ronnie, who in 10 minutes, re-arranged the work of the Glaciers of years gone by. Thanks to the Rocket, and looking forward to the next RROA Adventure.. Cheers

THE Sungod