Paddle to the Eggroll 2001

As I was paddling the Granite Trout up Lake Thomas this am with Viking and Goat in the XX White Water Cruiser, we were surrounded by a colourfull display of an assortment of more than 15 CHEEMA kayaks and canoes still training and taking advantage of the superior weather we are having, ----I was reminded that I owed the Gonzo Web Page a write up on the Egg Roll Paddle last Sunday, November 4th.

It is well into the fall and we are still having summer like temperatures. We rendevoused at Fish Hatchery Park at 12:30 pm, sunny, the air temp was 13*, the water was cold (verified by my slip off the rocks) and Bedford Basin was like glass. Viking, Helga, Fireball, Motor Home, and Halifax in their sea kayaks and Sungod and daughter THE Motor, in the Penobscot'16 (sharpest entry of all Old Towns) slipped slowly and effortlessly through the now empty moorings of the Bedford Yacht Club, heading south, bearing on the greasy smells of China Town.

With the tide going out and a pretty good tail wind, we covered the distance in 45 minutes, 10 minutes faster than normal. Arriving at the Restaurant, and meeting with Angela and Griffin, we were told there was only a half hour left on the buffett and the last refill had been done, my heart went dead, I slowly struggled over to the stainless steel pans hoping to see a few remnants of food. Bonanza, 'more' than enough to feed the sailors who were bringing their craft into shore.

After a plate (or two, or three) we went our separate ways some paddling back to Bedford, some rushing off to other committements.

After this morning on the lake, and as we head into KEJI Federal Park this evening for a couple days of paddling and nights of sitting around a fire, I wonder if the weather will ever keep us off the water.



The Sun god