Fenerty Lake Full Moon Hike 2006       Picasa Photo Album

Renewal of the Full Moon Hike, after a 3 year absence!

-January 14th, 2006
-Mid winter in Nova Scotia
-Full Moon
-Should be the perfect setting for a crisp, clear, moon lit, winter hike into the Barret Logging Trails in Beaverbank

Whoops, forgot this is Nova Scotia!

-All the above was correct except it is +10*C, it has been + something and foggy for the last few days, it is going to be + something for the foreseeable future.
-The logging road(s) are deep in mud, the single track trail is sloppy, rooty, and basically miserable.
-The moon was full, the light diffused through the fog--but still OK without lights.

Recipe for failure-------not on your life!

-Twenty one (21) Gonzos headed the call, along with five (5) members of the K-9 splinter group(Frosty, Chip, Mad Max, Tessa, and C.S. Lewis)
-Testing my memory, those there were: Mike and Cindy O'Leary, Imax, Spell Chick, Mountain Dancer,and Cathy--their sons Issaac and Ethan--in his 'racing' stroller, The Sungod, Scrounger, Viking, Helga, Dipper, 6'4" and Peggy, Judy Hunt, Perry and Gilda, Ian Blair, and our hosts Motorhome Barbie and Fireball.

After a 6:00pm rendevous, it was off into the woods on what would be described as a good dirt road-----in normal conditions. What we had to contend with was ankle deep mud--slowing down the 'racing' stroller. After noting to everyone that it was easier to see 'without' lights, and after 40 minutes, and a couple right hand turns, it was sharp left into the woods--where some found it necessary to light up the single track, rooting, muddy, swampy, trail into the lake.

What a beautiful spot, the river flowing briskly into the lake-discussions were of the immediate future, after winter really gets here, we have some snow, etc--we would be heading back here for an overnighter.

After milling around for some minutes, the group started the trek back -to the promised Chile land. Unbeknownst to the rest of us, Dipper, Imax, Mountain Dancer,Cathy, and the kids, stayed behind and had a booming fire--keeping the tradition alive.

Over the next hour we arrived back at Motorhomes kennel, had a few brewskies, and enjoyed the not so hot, the hot, and the bottle of 'fire' add on Chile---many thanks to Motorhome and Fireball. There were also many chocolate goodies for dessert, including a 'juicy' cake by Viking.

What a great turnout--it makes you wonder if the conditions had of been better would the turn out have been more or do Gonzos like the inclemency better--you never know how many will be there until you show up, eh!

Looking forward to Gonzos on Martock (February 3rd), Superbowl at the President's (February 5th), and the next Full Moon Night hike led by Rocket Ronnie into Three Fathom Harbour (February 11th)

AND also the overnighter into last nights site as soon as we get some winter weather.