Fredericton Race 2000


Besides increasing there calorie intake at various Thanksgiving Dinners at their various family kennels, a number of Gonzos did manage to burn off some of these potential fat globules skimming across a number of lakes in NB and NS.

On Saturday Viking, Dipper, 0.5, Imax, Sungod, Motor, Ian B., Brenda, and Scrounger left Halifax at 5:00 am heading to Fredericton to participate in the Fall Frigid River Race.

No, we have not yet convinced Ross to participate in anything that might include swimming, since that could probably turn into drowning. Ross, as he has in the past, once again has volunteered to help with moving vehicles from start to finish lines. As it turns out, in this case his job was fairly easy. The start and finish line were at the same place.

We did ourselves proud, winning almost as many medals as the Canadian Olympic Team.

Viking and Dipper, racing the Stealth for the first time (Dipper being a K1 type of guy) got the Silver in Stock/Pro Boat division. (8 miles) while the others dominated the 6 mile Recreational Class with Ian and Brenda garnishing the Bronze with Sungod and his lovely daughter the Motor wear Silver, beaten by 53 seconds to Division winners Imax and 0.5.

I loved the "T" shirts--"If you can't paddle with the Big Dogs, Stay on the Dock."

Cheers and love to all

Hope to see you in Keji on Friday-Is your throat sore??????????

-- The Sun god