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Without a doubt, the Fredricton area may be the best biking area in the maritimes, not only for it's many, and varied routes, but especiallly for it's 'biker friendly' drivers. No matter what stupid things we did, two abreast, three abreast, even four abreast, and nary a beep--cars went out of their way to give bikers space. But I digress early.

The Dipper, Viking, and the Sungod loaded their bikes onto Bruce's 'Red Green', duct tape, modified bike rack, and headed (via as many Timmies as possible) to New Brunswick's capitol Friday morning, October 15th, hooking up with the Scrounger (on his way to Cape Cod) at our host's home in Fredricton. We arrived as scheduled around noon to be greeted by old time Gonzos Larry Sampson and Caroline.

After a pasta lunch, we were off--in the cloud/rain showers/cold (something we would get used to)--for a 49.9km, 20.9km/hr, warm up ride for the weekend. Heading north up the Saint John River for 10 minutes, we turned left and went 'up' the Carriage Road. After 10 minutes we were still going up, finally turning right, and going up again. After peddaling along the ridge we had a nice ride down to the river again and headed home, nice rolling hills. After getting home, have a brewskie, Larry treated us with his 'Super Bowl' chile-Yummmy. Wait for baseball game, rained out, watch a few minutes of movie, off to bed.

Woke up Saturday morning to rain--going to be a wet day, if we only knew. Plans were for a 100km day, down the river to Oromocto, up into the back country and home--a fairly flat day---well it was a 'flat day', but not what we expected. 3km's into the ride Sungod had a flat (pinch?), tube changed (note-it has been raining since we left,), put on tire (back), noticed tire getting soft, changed tube, broke off stem, changed tube, still seemed to be losing air--something in tire?, limped into Fredricton bike shop--bought new tire (really needed) and a couple 'new' tubes. Off we went over the bridge to 'fly' east, down the north side of the river. It was now at times raining as hard as it could--remember today was flat day-looked behind and no Gordon, who was having the 1st of his 3? flats.

By the time we got to Oromocto, 3 hours had passed and we still haven't had breakfast(now lunch?), so we decided to shorten our ride and head back home on the south side of the river-breakfast at a grease joint and home---under basically sunny breaks--wouldn't you know it. 61.2 km, average 20.4 km/hr

Dried the bikes, had a brewskie, and Larry provided another scrumtious supper---barbecued chicken legs and the BEST Rossoto I have ever tasted--and I make a good one. Watched the end of the movies we started, watched a few innings of the ball game---NY 19-Bos 8-----Go Yankees

Sunday turned out to be a more normal day of riding, there were many hills, some rain, some wind, a great breakfast(read beans) at a Petro, and back home at 4:00pm--fill the day. 96.8km, 21.7kms/hr. with a downhill the last 20 minutes--you got to love it.

Dry the bikes, have a brewskie, Larry fed us 'another' meal that couldn't be beat---spagehtti and caesar. Went to bed after a couple innings expecting a sweep for the Yankees--we all know what happened, no repeating necessary, eh!

Monday morning was a real nice day and we decided to do a 45.8km loop (22.3km/hr) out around the Mactaquac Dam, breakfast at the Diplomat (including beans and the best home fries ever)--home around noon and on the road home--What a great 4 days and so nice to see the old 'coach' again. Sure miss him since he started his world working tour in Minnesota 7? years ago.

Thanks to the Sampsons for their hospitallity and especially to the two 'young ladies' that gave up their bedroom--I hope the odour goes away in time, eh!