Hawaiian Party 2004       Picasa Photo Album

With all this snow around did you ever wonder what it might feel like to be in Hawaii? Well, if you were one of the bodies sitting in front of the blazing fire at Motorhome Barbies kennel last Saturday night you could have easily imagined being right on the beach.

Gonzos arrived in various types of 'sun belt' dress--to the surprise of no one, Viking won the 'most tackiest' with his combination of grass skirt and 'coconut breasts'. The best dressed went to Scrounger--while everyone else went with colourful, warm weather, motives, Ross, thinking outside the box came resplendint in matching suit and tie of Hawaii-Five-0.

With Beach Boys tunes vibrating in the background, a fun time was had by all--after treating ourselves to dips, bacon wrapped livers, and various forms of roughage, we relaxed playing a number of mind and word games with prizes awarded to the more intelligent(?)