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Nancy Warnica wrote:

> Please send a HUGE thank you to everyone who came to > my party last night! I love being 35 - or is that 53!

> Cheers! Nancy

I forward Helga's thanks and put a few words on my keyboard.

The colours were many and they were all over Lake Thomas. Yellow, green, red, blue, and granite kayaks and a number of canoes. My unofficial count was 18 Gonzos.

The Dipper keeps getting Scrounger on the water, we may have him racing in Kenduskeag yet. Viking meandered up and down the lake in his racing C1, Geezer, Helga, Birder, I'm Selling Halifax, Gregor (and three newbies, Nancy, Robert?, and Mark?) slid through the waves in the rainbow of kayaks while The Sungod and Goat skittered around in Gordon's fast (and tippy) Pro-Boat. On the shore when we returned were the Warnica boys, Stacy, Cruiser, and a late show---my old racing buddy, Gregors lovely Ann.

For those that have yet gotton out to a Wednesday night paddle, the paddle part is just a subtrafuge for the post workout feed. Tonight was special being a party for one of the younger members of the kennel--52 no more, eh?

We munched (gorged would be a better word) on hot dogs, salads, chips, dips, and two cakes with LOTTSA icing.---Coffee and Tea.

Cheers, love and kisses from the kennel of:

Sungod, Birder, and C.S. Lewis