Canada Day 2003       Picasa Photo Album

Right off the bat, thanks to Helga for the invitation and use of the Marina for the umpteenth Canada Day celebrations.

As a new tradition started 4 years ago, the day began with a morning paddle out from Banook through the Shubi Canal and Lake system. A smaller than normal group of Dipper, Sungod, Halifax, Hinds Catchup, Walmart and newbie John paddled the 4 hour cruise into the head winds of the various lakes. Afew pictures were taken in the canal system but cameras, and everything else were tied well away for the journey into the white caps of the larger lakes--Dipper and newbie John really had a lot of fun in their 'sprint' racing kayaks just trying to keep a float.

By mid afternoon the yard (some would say floral masterpiece) was filled with people (30+) and K9's.(6) Sprawled in the sunshine, stories were told, snackies munched, beverages quaffed, and lies made up. The Sungod again resold second hand 'high techie' goodies. The sale went electronic this year with a non-descript, unknown model, green plastic, Saucony watch going for $9.50.

Everyone was then off to the solid, Gordon Warnica engineered and designed (scary, eh?), balcony/deck system to partake in the various goodies everyone brought to share---I LOVE POTLUCK THINGIES.

During dessert a number of trivia games were enjoyed, the anticipated prizes again holding the winners on the edges of their seats as they ripped the paper off.

As people wadled up the driveway (read mountain pass), they moaned about the pain their stomachs were in and promises were made to be on the track/road/water first thing in the morning to wear off the calories.

THE Sungod