Remembrance Day Weekend 2008       Picasa Photo Album

Whether the weather was a precursor of Global warming, an anomaly, or just the calm before a 'bad' winter, we will take it.

If memory serves us right - and that is tenuous at best - most Remembrance Day weekends have been cold, wet and generally miserable. And we have spent the last 18 or so years in Kejimkujek.

After our (November 8th) Saturday morning run/breakfast, the 2 Brucies headed out in their 'multi-sport' green Saturn , registering at Park headquarters, meeting up with Keith, Peggy, and Joey.

It was a pleasure arriving well before dark as in past years, so we could have a leisurely site set up, a leisurely brew, a leisurely, though flaming fire, and it is soooooooo nice cooking in daylight.

What a great night, sitting around the fire until 10:30pm----Yes, you read that correctly---although the times will become earlier in the next nights pass the days become more intense.

-We found the key to staying up was to bring out the sausages to cook up as soon as someone begins to moan about the time. The night was a bit overcast with a shower or two, but that is why we sleep in tents, eh!- it was actually too warm, around 12C.


Sunday morning arrived around 7:00am, again a bit overcast, cloudy, but very warm - breakfast for some was done in shorts.

Rather than doing the 25km (return) hike to Site #5, we decided to do three individual hikes:

- Peter Point, a 3km loop through area of red maples, a hemlock stand and an old growth of sugar maples, arriving at a neat little beach as the trail ends 'jutting' out into the lake.

- Snake Lake - another 3 km loop through a figure-8 trail, variety of woodlands, stately white pine and red oak trees. Wetlands and lakes add to the natural diversity.

- Gold Mines - yet another 3km loop, with interpretive signs along the trail recounting tales of the discovery of gold in Kejimkujik. Displays bring to life where the gold was found and how it was mined.

These walks filled the day, and we were back at camp around 4:00pm to welcome Greg, Barbie, and Mad Max. Dipper went for a swim, as expected.

Again having time before dark for a bit of a social, maybe a brew, nice big fire, supper, and made it to 9:30pm or so---we were setting records for staying up, but the conversation(s) were scintillating, especially Barbie practicing her stand up routines.

- Again roasted a few sausages/wieners and off to bed.

- Awoke a couple times to the loud squawking of a Screech Owl.


Monday morning we were up again at 7:00am, to be greeted by a clear blue sky and the sun quickly warming our bodies.

After breakfast we hiked back to the parking lot to remove our canoes and take them down to the lake for a day on the water. As we were doing this, Ross and Gordon arrived with the Stealth.

Greg and Barbie were without craft and started to do the regular 25 km hike, but would meet us at the Ranger cabin a couple kms down the lake for a final rendevous.

The lake was flat, almost glassy at times, the sun was warm, and we were off. Upon meeting with the hikers, it was decided, rather than do an out and back, we would do the 'complete' Big Dam, Frozen Ocean, Channel Lakes, and Greg would meet us around 3:00pm at the main group campground at the other side the park, and we could shuttle cars.




- lolly gagged up the lakes.
- cruised the channels
- ran, rather than portage, the white water drops, at Site 5 and site 9/10. We contemplated the one at site 8 but the small chance of getting wet in the back country did not make sense.

It was 4:00pm by the time we got our gear away and back to camp----fire, brew, dark, and then supper---with newbies on site (Ross and Gordon) there was new conversation material.

- sausages at 8:15pm kept us up to almost 9:00pm


Tuesday, November 11th, again up at 7:00am, breakfast, packed gear out to cars, and it is still not 9:00am yet - too soon to start the Poppy hike?

After a few more minutes of the warm fire, we were off to the Hemlock/Hardwood Trail. To kill some time, Barbie went on the Gonzo Website on her Blackberry and read some old logs. What a hoot.

Finally 11:00am, Barbie read "In Flanders Field", moment of silence, and it was back to our cars.

First, AND ONLY, disappointment of the weekend---Turkey Burger just outside of Bridgewater was not only closed this day, it is REALLY closed and up for sale.

On to Swiss Chalet, lunch, and home.