Laurie Park Moon Hike 2000

The tradition continues as 13 human Gonzos and 3 of the K-9 corps clustered at the new Fall River Timmies for hugs and kisses before going into the wilderness. What started in early 1998 with a tramp around Jack's Lake has remained unbroken.

What a gorgeous evening for a stroll as Fireball, I'm Selling Halifax, Goat, IMAX, SpellChick, P*%$#K, Don't be Last, Viking, Harware Helga, Ian, Brenda, Sungod, and Birder, Chesea, Printer, and Frosty drove out the old #2 to Laurie Provincial Park, closed to the public for the season, for a leisurely 5 km stroll around the perimeter overlooking Grand Lake, finally deciding at which site we would have our fire and begin our feeding frenzy.

With the temperature quickly dropping and a slight breeze off the water we soon had a fire going and cuddled around the smoke. Then out came the "metal" sticks provided by IMAX and weiners and sausages of every ilk were coming out of the backpacks and were stuck into the flames. The Sungod provided community Dijon for the crew and some of the more classy ones even had buns for their weinies.

Since it was a "work" night, people had to go to work tommorow, an early getaway (830) began with the exodus of the "classy Lassies", while the "rad Lads" tarried behind to extinguish the flame.

Good friends, good fun, good memories, good night. Cheers

-- The Sun god