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It has been written somewhere that this small spit of land 5 hours north of PEI is just a 75 km long sand bar. That is not true. There are certainly some nice ups on the various Islands which are joined by these 75 kms of dunes, riding on a nice ribbon of asphalt--the old #199

I has been written somewhere that this small spit of land is 'always' windy--That might be true--The first couple days we were thjer was the time Hurricane Ike was coming through Quebec. We had 50 km winds off the ocean that kept most of us off the road.

Coming from all directions, Gordon and Carol Young, Colette Condon, Bruce Duffy, Chris and Betty Hollebone, Perry and Gilda Abriel, Keith Taylor, Peggy Martin, Gordon Warnica and Ross Mitchell, arrived at the Pictou/PEI ferry for the early morning crossing Saturday, September 13th.

I required a head check and accounting of bodies since we were short some of the originals and had added on some new riders. The trip started off on a bit of a sad theme since we were missing a number originals, Nancy Warnica (injured knee from the White Mountains), Nancy Duffy (sick dog), Greg Vail (sick stomach)and Donna/AiAi (off to China to pick up a sister for AiAi.

The riding was basically flat with some nice climbs on the Islands, the roads were biker friendly, the traffic was biker friendly--that being said, there was no traffic. Things had pretty well shut down for the winter--and believe me this place will be shut down for the winter.

We did see a few people wind surfing--It must be tremendously busy in season---lots of signs around.


- Off the ferry and ride to Montague--some 75 kms, and some 25 kms. Gorgeous ride along the shore, inland is gently rolling hills.
- Chris and Betty provided Meat Loaf for supper.


- 44kms direct, 65 kms shore diversion, onto Souris and ferry to Maggies--arrival after 5 hours in the dark for 10km ride to cottages-
- Duffy provided Chile and salad.


- WINDY..50+ kms, unsafe to ride, even though Keith, Peggy, Duffy, did bike into town--20kms Touring day, lots of walking around, getting lost--how can you get lost when there is only one road---the old #199 on the Islands? It is possible.
- The Youngs provided Beef Boullion (which I later found out the proper name to be Bourguignon and not OXO cubes)Just kidding, it was scrumtious!
- FULL MOON NIBHT HIKE on the beach infront of our cottages---COOL!


- Still windy but to Isle de Havre-Auburt, the picturesque, colourfull fishing village made 'TOURIST' central with shoppes and boutiques cramming every square inch of the shore. In season this would be VERY crowded, it was nice and quiet---had to wait until 11:30am for restaurant to open. On return, some went straight back(25kms) and some did a 25 km loop of the back Island---great ride with lots of ups and downs
- Drove into Cap aux Meules for dinner out, nice spot, lots of fish, I had Thai Soup.


- Logistics dictated a myriad of car shuffling today as the return ride to the far north of the Islands (Isle de Grande Entre) would entail over 120km return ride. Keith and Peggy did the whole distance, with a late arrival home after 5:00pm--the rest of us did various rides between 40 and 75 kms, with everyone being together at the far end for lunch.......................after much discussions and shuffling of cars.
- Perry and Gilda provided us with Sausages and 'Tancook' Saurkraut----Yummy delicious.


- On the road at 6:30am for the 8:00am ferry back to PEI, arriving at 1:00pm---some rode direct (44kms) and some the gorgeous shore road (65kms), to our same cottages in Montague.
- Gordon Warnica did his mounstrous fish fry, buying all the sole/cod/haddock at the local Sobeys----always soooooo good--Keith and Chris provided salad.


- On the road at 6:00am, breakfast at Timmies, 44 km ride--rolling hilss--don't let anyone tell you PEI is a flat ride--once you are away from the shore it is just up and down.
- Ferry at 9:30am, into the cars at 11:00am, and home a bit after lunch.

It was a busy week for those on the trip and a Razzle Dazzle couple of weeks for those that alos hiked in the White's the week before. Cheers Sg