NEW YEAR'S DAY 2001       Picasa Photo Album

Start the year off in fine style by attending one, or all, of the Jan. 1st Gonzo functions.

9:00am, Be part of the Halifax Polar Bear swim at Black Rock Beach, Halifax Harbour. Either participate OR join the support crew for your fellow Gonzos that do take the dip.

10:00am, 2nd Annual coffee and muffins at the kennel of Mark Stein. Of course you are welcome to bring along a kibble or bit for your fellow Gonzos

1:00pm, 1st paddle of 2001. Will probably be at the mouth of the Sackville river where it empties into Bedford Basin. There are canoes for loan, or positions with other paddlers, if you wish to participate. Please contact Sungod for verification of location.

3:00pm, presently listed as 1st peddle of the year, meeting at the new Timmies in Fall River, by the new Sobeys, up the road from Inn on the Lake. This could turn into a hike OR even just coffee and conversation. Details will be discussed at Mark Stein's in the morning.

Cheers, love, and kisses for a New Year.

PS: Stay tuned for the upcoming best selling report of the 3rd Annual Boxing Day Hike, titled.

"26 of 31 Mountaineers Complete Trek to Jack's Lake.... the story of the many and varied routes to the PIT, through the Jailhouse Icefield, via the 'far' North West power line, through the out, and back, Incorrect Wilderness, and some via the short, but steep, 'Aleyah' Step. This years Expedition includes the heroic rescue and evacuation one of our sister Gonzos, after her fall through the ice, into a gaping cravasse. Also included will be Harrowsmith's report on the delicious delicacies and beverages served at the PIT." Sg

-- The Sun god