Peggy's Cove 1999

On May (I like that word)1st Sun god, Viking, No Name, Claudia, P$@#k, 'bourg, Chris H., Trash Man, and two rookies, the Phantom and Rocket Ronnie were treated to fantastic weather for the annual run for the beans and fishcakes at Peggy's Cove. Upon starting out I was having a nice conversation, cruising quickly out front with Cathy White (the Phantom) when, as it turned out much to my luck, I had a flat. By the time I had changed tubes the pack, with the exception of Bruce M. and Chris who kindly "watched" me do all the work, were far ahead. We worked at 25 km/hr thinking we might catch them but came up short. At least Trash Man wouldn't be mad because he was left behind. I think I blew a lung. The lucky thing is if I didn't have the flat I would have been still out with Phantom who could do a Larry, pound it, interpretation and I would have probably blown a Battery.

We were met by PACK IT OUT and his wife at the Restaurant. When asked why he wasn't biking we found out his daughter wouldn't lend her bike this time. How is it a man with a $100,000.00 invested in cars can't have a $400.00 bike?

It was nice to have Ron Jeppeson and Cathy White out with us for the first time, I think. Did anyone risk their internal respiratory system to try to keep up with them? Where's Larry when you need him?

All joking aside it was "magical" riding with the ocean breezes and smells all around us with people who are most enjoyable to be with.

Love and kisses to all

Sun god, Birder, & C.S.