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Plans were made months ago for a weekend of fun. Bob and Sue had invited the Gonzos to come. A river was to paddle, the trails to bike, walk or run. Or perhaps just do nothing but sit on your bum!

There were Gregs times 2, Barbie and Ann. (Greg M was armed with beer and a frying pan) Bruce D, Nancy and Lewis brought snacks - Oops letís not forget the newest canine Gonzo Maxx! Then came Nancy, Gord, Ross and Tess with her ball Counting the hosts - thatís 11 people in all. Bruce Murphy dropped by with Regi in tow - Ate some food, lots of food and then had to go! It was quite a crowd , but what the heck. We ate and we drank on the newly built deck..

The food was NOT lacking - we consumed Gonzo style. The goodies kept coming and we munched all the while. Blackened salmon, corn, steak, and potatoes with spice, Salads that crunched and drinks filled with ice. The beer bottles mounted, the wine went down nice. Mime and sun god were silent while eating - as quiet as mice!

Desserts were a highlight, there was chocolate to eat. Raspberries hand picked by Sue - what a treat! Cake that had swirls, marbled I guess. Muffins with rhubarb, but skor bar bites were the best!

Viking and sun god paddled the river - A 2 1/2 hour jaunt that took 5 to deliver. The wind was strong, blew the chaps all around Plans were amended - they never made Charlottetown!

Others chose to run, one to walk and one to observe - The natural flora, fauna and occasional rare bird. The dogs they kept busy, Lewis digging up ground. Hoping to find, goodness knows - what a weird hound. Tess and Maxx became friends in an odd sort of way. They chased, rolled, and fetched sticks - doggie style play.

The PEI mosquitoes dominated our talk. They were poised to ruin the most enjoyable walk. They attacked our ankles, backs of legs and arms. They were relentless pursuers and we were NOT charmed. Down with those critters, smack the pesky bugs! We sprayed and we swatted the bloodthirsty thugs.

All in all the weekend was marvelous, terrific, just great. But next year can we add to the menu a butter pound cake? A big thanks to Bob - I enjoyed the rides - Around the trail with you by my side. Keep up your cycling - itís good for the heart, lungs and head. Your bike needs to be ridden, get it out of that shed! And Sue the prep that you did was just awesome - I am impressed The house work, the gardens - now please have a rest! See you all next year - we should do this once more? Yes - just as long as the deck gets itís missing screen door!

A BIG THANKS to Robert and Sue
August 2004

By Nancy Warnica