Pennant Point Hike 2003       Picasa Photo Album

A magical day.

For those with Gov. jobs that decided to sleep in and for those with REAL jobs that decided not to take a day off, bad choice.

What a beautiful day to hike our beautiful Nova Scotia coastline.

After meeting at Timmies for a regal brew Judy Hunt, Nancy Warnica, Jeff Warnica, Wayne Banks, Jerome Bruhm, and Bruce D. car pooled the 20 minutes to Crystal Crescent Beach (Sambro), put on their (for the moment) dry footwear, and we were off. Joining the hike were K9's Chip, Tesa, and C.S. Lewis.

Soooooo nice to finally see the sun, walk on the white sands, dogs crashing in the surf. Spring is here. The trail followed beaches, bogs, granite walls, enchanted forests--all overlooking the steady run of lobster boats hauling their pots.

After a most enjoyable 1 1/2 hour hike we reached the bell buoy of Pennant Point and proceded to get a nice fire going to share, thanks to Jerome, BARBQ sausages, and our meagre sandwiches. Thanks to Judy dessert was chocolate eggs and jelly beans.

As if indicating it was time to leave, the clouds came in and the wind picked up a bit. Off we went over the bogs and rocks, back to Timmies, another brew, and home.

The dogs were a treat to watch as they tore all over the country side. Tesa and Chip flew around like little horses,with Lewis and his 3 inch legs chasing all over the place. He still hasn't moved off the coach.