Pennant Point Hike 2007       Picasa Photo Album

Hey, for those that decided to stay home today--or had to go to work---you missed a great hike--the weather turned out great--bit foggy/misty---with the high winds creating great surf.

The weekly Tuesday Hike has become a reality, look forward to others joining in next week.

Judy Hunt, Peggy Martin (and Joey), Nancy Warnica (and Tesa), Betty Hollebone, and Bruce Duffy (and Lewis) made the trek down to Sambro to hike out over the beaches, rocks, and the 'enchanted forest', having tea and cookies about 1 km short of Pennant Point.

Next Tuesday, December 4th, we will be doing Cape Split---details later in the week but plans are always to be home by 3:00pm each week---put it on your calandar.