Build it and they will come 2008
Gonzos on the trail, literally.

It takes a lot of work and manpower hours to build a little path through the wilderness as The Sungod, Gimp, Scrounger, and the Dipper found out over the weekend.

Signing on a few months ago, in support of, and under the leadership of, Gordon Young, our Gonzo buddie, Pictou Branch, we joined with 40 plus others, to eat, drink, socialize, sing, but mainly to trim trees, dig dirt, move/cut fallen trees, etc., as we worked on 4-5 kms of the evergrowing long distance trail from Cape Chignecto, Cumberland County, to Cape George in Antigonish County--which will be a footpath of over 400 kms.

Over and above all the other good times enjoyed and learned over the 48 hours, the big thing is the appreciation of the work that must have been done by others over the years providing the many hundreds of kms I have hiked/biked, etc.. And I now realize it was done at a painstakingly slow pace.

40 people, 10 hours working on the trail, around 4 kms complete---Just think about all the trails in the world, eh!

Thanks to Gordon Young for his vision years ago and prayers he will see this completed in his time, also thanks to him, and Ellen/Ruth (administration), and Bob (Chile pig out), and to our 'technical' leader Garnet for the skills he passed on to us.

Thanks to The Crooooo.



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